DIY Wedding Cupcakes
wedding cupcakes

If you’ve got a bit of Martha Stewart in you, try baking your wedding cupcakes yourself. It might sound like an impossible feat but it’s much easier to tackle than a traditional wedding cake. Just imagine all the money you’ll save!

I remember baking cupcakes out of the box as a child. It was fun and easy and most importantly…delicious! I’ve never made cupcakes from scratch but looking at the recipes, it doesn’t seem too hard even for an inexperienced baker. And if it doesn’t work out, you know you’ll always have Betty Crocker as your backup. Shhh…you’re guests will never know! provides a variety of recipes that you might want to consider for your wedding cupcakes. I’m not much of a baker myself but these recipes seem easy enough. There’s even a section about wedding cupcakes with some useful tips.

I know it’s easier to watch a demonstration on how to bake cupcakes rather than read about it so I’ve also included some how-to videos on cupcakes. (You can navigate the videos by hovering your mouse over the video and using the right and left arrows in the middle of the screen.)

Choose Wedding Cupcakes as an Affordable Alternative

cupcake wedding cake

Wedding cupcakes have become a popular choice for couples these days. Not only are they far more affordable than the traditional wedding cake but they’re also convenient to serve to guests. You can save extra expenses on the wedding cake itself as well as the cake cutting fee (usually $1 per slice!).

The cupcakes are usually displayed on a beautiful cupcake tree and decorated to match your wedding theme and colors. Something to bear in mind when decorating your cupcakes…don’t get too carried away. Wedding cupcakes can be as expensive as traditional wedding cakes when the decorations become too elaborate.

If you are on the traditional side and you want to have a cake to cut into with your groom, you can still have cupcakes…just add a miniature cake on the top tier (like the one pictured here). You’ll still be saving a considerable amount of money while keeping with tradition.