Get Creative with Personalized Photo Stamps

personalized photo stamp

Check out these adorable photo stamps! I just had to share this with you (if you don’t know about photo stamps already). This is a great way to personalize your invitation envelopes. Imagine putting one of your engagement photos on a stamp. Or a picture of you and your fiancé as kids…a monogram…or even a special quote. These are just a few ideas…the possibilities are endless. makes it so easy to create your own photo stamps. They even let you preview your photo stamps like my example here. You can further customize your photo stamps with the frames and colors they provide. I chose a standard thin orange frame for mine. Then you select the appropriate postage and you’re done! The stamps are $18.99 for a sheet of 20. You won’t be saving any money here but I just thought these photo stamps make such a cute addition to your invitations.