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One of the latest trends is a guestbook filled with your engagement pictures. I love this idea because it displays your fun and creative side while sharing your engagement photos with your guests. Your guests will appreciate this since most of them will never get a chance to see these pictures. Also, it gives them a chance to write a personal message to the couple, rather than simply signing their name on the line like in traditional guestbooks. You’ll end up with an inexpensive keepsake you’ll cherish forever.

Most online digital photo printing companies now offer photo books. These photo books come in different bindings, soft and hard covers, and different materials. They come with several templates and styles to fit your occasion. I like this personalized cover photo book at There’s also a similar photo book at It’s as easy as uploading your photos and choosing a template and dragging and dropping the images into the preferred position. After you finalize and approve the album you’ve created, the printing company will then print your work of art. And that’s it! You now have a beautiful, personalized, guestbook for you and your guests to enjoy.

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🙂 reflects the couple’s low-key approach to their royal connections.

Seldom I write comments but resource really cool

I was just at a wedding reception two nights ago and this is exactly what they had.

It was a lot of fun to look through the pictures.

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